Sponsor St. John’s BrewFest Event

With hundreds of beer lovers in attendance, the St. John’s BrewFest is the right choice to achieve your marketing goals. We have a great mix of tailored sponsorship opportunities to help you get the best possible reach at all of our events. Whether it’s advertising in our “Book of Brews” or becoming involved with a special sponsorship package we want you involved with our festival.



  • Business logo on event poster, website and program
  • And much more!
More Details Soon



  • Business logo on event poster, website and program
  • 1/4 page horizontal or vertical advertisement in the program
  • 2 complimentary vip tickets for saturday afternoon show
  • And much more!
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  • Business logo on event poster, website and program
  • Second tier placement on sponsor section of program and 1/2 page vertical or horizontal advertisement in program
  • 4 complimentary vip tickets to saturday evening show
  • And much more!
More Details Soon

Designated Driver


  • One of the most important sponsorship opportunities.
  • At the event location we will have a dedicated area to serve non-alcoholic beverages to those who are designated driver for the event.
  • This sponsor can place signage in the area, hand out promotional materials and provide water and/or non-alcoholic beverages.
More Details Soon

Beer Glass


  • A special sponsorship opportunity that provides this sole Sponsor inclusion of their business logo on Brewfest beer tasting glasses.
  • Each participant attending the event will receive this keepsake upon entry.
  • The sponsor will share this opportunity with the logo of the Brewfest.
More Details Soon

If you are interested in sponsoring other events (e.g. not flagship St. John’s BrewFest event) please Contact Us to discuss further.

Advertise at St. John’s BrewFest Event

The Book of Brews will be the program provided to hundreds of guests as a part of their admission. The program will contain background information on all breweries and information on the beers they will be pouring.

The Book of Brews is not the average beer program. The program will also feature cooking with beer recipes, tips for beer tasting, home brewing tips, various brew articles, a section for tasters to make notes, and targeted advertising.

This highly professional program will be a collectible resource for all beer drinkers attending the show. It will provide your business a great opportunity to advertise directly to your target market of hundreds of participants who enjoy high end beer products.

Please see our ad costs below:

  • 1/4 Page Horizontal / Vertical ($200)

    1.35″ x 2.10″ Full Colour

  • 1/2 Page Horizontal / Vertical ($300)

    5.50″ x 4.25″ Full Colour

  • Full Page ($400)

    5.50″ x 8.50″ Full Colour

  • Inside Back Cover ($500)

    5.50″ x 8.50″ Full Colour

  • Inside Front Cover ($550)

    5.50″ x 8.50″ Full Colour

  • Back Cover ($600)

    5.50″ x 8.50″ Full Colour

All Vendors will receive a 20{206f16cb4b2543d394b718321da8296516dc704ac640345eabb2c43e75c0fdab} discount on the above advertising prices.

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